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At Corrigan Moving, we understand the challenges involved in moving highly confidential files and equipment for our clients in the healthcare industry. The fragile build of medical equipment coupled with the high value of single articles alone demands working with a respected relocation business. Not simply does Corrigan have a demonstrated track record in moving medical equipment, we’re also versed with confidentiality laws directing the healthcare industry. With more than 90 in business, Corrigan has the expertise and resources needed to move medical offices, equipment and laboratories throughout the city as well as around the world.

Effective Healthcare Relocation Process

Despite whether you are moving your office, investing in medical equipment or improving a laboratory, it is a large business option. Likewise, the relocation business you hire to move your pieces should be well-vetted, acquainted with the requirements of the medical community, and have your top support in mind.

Corrigan has built a commercial relocation process uniquely designed to reach the needs of the medical community. However simplistic in its overall approach, our process is crafted to your exact facility and what is being moved. Our experts will work together with you to create a unique move plan that decreases downtime, complies with all regulations and addresses the correct handling and transportation guidelines needed for moving delicate medical or laboratory items.


You can anticipate your move strategy to follow a consistent process of that outlined below:

Corrigan will appoint a project manager for your medical relocation. This professional will be your primary point of contact throughout the complete move process.


Before Relocating

The project manager will be liable for meeting with you to gauge the project necessities, itemizing inventory, conducting a facility walk through, as well as providing an overall cost estimate for the project.

Upon Naming Corrigan as Your Mover

The project manager will call to finalize your relocation plan. This will comprise of critical specifics such as desired dates and times, points of entry, elevator usage and various relevant details relative to ensuring an effective process is in place.

When all the details are accounted for and planning is completed, the project manager will work with the local operations team to request and reserve all labor and supplies to complete the relocation.

While Your Relocation is Happening

An on-site team leader will be appointed to your project who will maintain direct contact to Corrigan’s operations team amid the project. Subject to the scope of the job, your project manager could be on-site the whole time, or at prime times, during the move process.

Toward the end of the process, a team member of Corrigan will accompany your employees on a site walk-through. Collectively they will evaluate the property, make certain services have been completed as agreed and evaluate any outstanding tasks before departing the site.

After The Relocation is Completed

When the relocation has been finished, our project manager will collaborate closely with Corrigan’s in-house billing division to guarantee accurate billing of your project. And, if the need should happen and a claim is filed, your project manager will help with the steps and be at your side until the claim has been settled.


Expert Moving & Storage Company

Created during the Great Depression to serve the needs of families searching for a better life, Corrigan was soon enlisted by large manufacturers and retailers based in the greater Detroit area in need of delivering products to the homes of their consumers. Therefore, Corrigan quickly expanded to become a top household goods carrier, and solidified its position in the heritage of Detroit’s commercial moving industry. Today, Corrigan Moving is Michigan’s largest relocation and storage business with locations through the Midwest, including Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. An establishing company of United, Corrigan is one of the largest van line agents, and hauls almost all the jobs reserved through Corrigan.

A seasoned family company, Corrigan remains true to our establishing values of doing what’s right for our customers.


Thoroughly Instructed Commercial Movers

Corrigan believes in continuously raising industry values. From the efforts of our Corporate Trainer and our expert educational area located within Corrigan’s corporate headquarters, we’re able to expand the services provided by our moving teams.

Each new associate of our business invests at least of two days of intense learning at the Corrigan Academy Training Center. From paperwork and operations, to hands-on packing and appropriate lifting, our employees are given the tools, needed skill set, and the guidance to enter the industry ready to work.

Due to our elevated commitment to education, the impeccable service supplied by our commercial crews is unmatched in the local market.


Select Corrigan Today

Please contact us soon to talk through your approaching healthcare office, equipment or laboratory relocation needs. We are fulfilled by the jobs we complete and manage each relocation with the utmost care. When moving medical offices, as well as fragile equipment, Corrigan’s team will exercise their knowledge and experience with the utmost attention to detail. Call us and experience the craftsmanship of Corrigan.

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