Moving Technology

When choosing a mover, improvements in technology make the experience even smoother. Corrigan Moving and United Van Lines are leaders for designing new technology to streamline your move. Starting with your first home survey and continuing through the whole course of your move]29], technology can make the complete process much easier. We believe embracing technology makes the whole process more enjoyable for everyone involved. When you hire Corrigan for your relocation, you’re handpicking one of the more technologically advanced moving companies in the US. These solutions are sure to improve the efficiency of your relocation and get you settled into your new city easier than ever before!

Virtual Home Survey

Your calendar is tied up enough, particularly when arranging a move! Our Virtual Survey option is adaptable to your schedule and timing. With the Virtual Survey technology, you will pick a day and time that best fits your needs. We provide evening and weekend times to accommodate your busy life.

At your selected time, your expert consultant will text you a link. Just tap it to connect with a live Corrigan person. This expertly trained surveyor will evaluate all the things that are moving. They will determine packing requirements and decide any custom crating or additional services you need. All you need to do is walk throughout your home showing each room on your smartphone or tablet camera.

MyUnited Move Planner Portal

The MyUnited Move Planner Portal is your individual concierge to help you through the move process and make sure you’re all set when pack day comes!

Key to the portal is the hands-on checklist. This list is prepopulated with everything for you to remember to do starting at eight weeks prior to your move day. Prompts include items important for your move – like signing paperwork and setting up payment. It also includes all the additional tasks that need to get accomplished, like transferring medical paperwork and updating your mailing address. You can check tasks off as you take care of them and even add your own personalized things, too.

At the time when you are ready to schedule your services, your bill of lading will be available for you to go over online. Double check to ensure everything is accurate and accept your documents on your MyUnited site. If you want to pay with a credit card, you are able to set this up, too.

Also, accessible on your MyUnited is the High Value Inventory form. This form needs to be filled out before we load your household goods. You can decide to wait and fill it out when we are at your house on load day, or you can do it earlier through the portal.

MyUnited Move Planner Portal helps to simplify your move by establishing a home-base to digitally coordinate all aspects of your move.

Digital Inventory

When Corrigan Moving begins to load your cross-country or storage shipment, we create an inventory of every item through our electronic inventory app – Flex. This inventory process is extremely easy for our clients, ensuring the move is even smoother.

Your inventory is written up electronically, making it easy to read and comprehend. Each piece that is placed onto the truck will receive an inventory sticker. The sticker number matches to the line item on the inventory documents, so everyone is in agreement with what was loaded.

There are other advantages to the Flex inventory, too. Your driver is able to add pictures to the inventory, making it more precise than ever before. Signatures are so easy when signing electronically, reducing the length of time you need to complete paperwork. Through these technological advancements, your move will be easier than ever before.

Begin researching your worry-free move with our resource library

Browse through our hand-picked collection of resource materials selected to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include how to pack videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.