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When you are moving a house or a business, there will always be heavy and substantial furniture to relocate. That’s why you want to partner with a moving business that provides furniture installation services. You also need your mover to have comprehensive insight, a sterling reputation, and a highly educated staff. Corrigan Moving fulfills all these qualifications and many more.

With our aid, you won’t need to be concerned about your furniture installation and assembly, as we will handle it for you . Receive a complimentary estimate today and begin your relocation in the finest possible way!

Furniture installation made easy

Though our installation services are accessible to any relocation type, it’s business relocations that prosper most from it. There is a lot that goes into business relocations, after all. You want someone to help you manage packing, storage, disassembly, and reassembly at your new space. Corrigan Moving can accomplish all these solutions for you, ensuring that you can commence conducting business in the smallest amount of time. Our professionals will supply you with the peace of mind that comes with understanding that your new space will be set up the proper way, the first time. This will eliminate a lot of the stress that goes with relocating to a new space and provide you with the needed aid to return to business.

Here's what you can expect from our installation & disassembly solutions:

We absolutely understand that every relocation is different. That is why our professionals will partner with you to create the top possible moving plan, enabling you to minimize the time it takes for you to begin conducting business again.

Unmatched instruction and expertise

Our organization charts its roots far back to 1929 when our founder Frank The Chief Corrigan started helping families relocate. In those years, all we had were a couple ice delivery vehicles, great drive, and unbreakable principles. While we’ve moved past the ice delivery trucks decades ago, our values and ambition to be the best movers in the U.S. lingered. Our founder trusted us with a simple principle: Always do the right thing! and we maintain it to this day.

In our almost 100 years of service, we’ve come across nearly all that the transportation field has to offer. We have conducted all sorts of relocations, simple and large, to the total contentment of our customers. Though our experience is only one portion of what creates Corrigan Moving a leader in the moving industry. The primary reason why we have received so many moving awards has to do with how we train our employees.

When you hire us to assist you with furniture installation, you’re receiving a top trained team. We train our moving employees ourselves and have built a custom education facility for the reason. It’s our opinion that you truly cannot do the right thing if you do not appreciate how to handle it to begin with. Therefore, prior to any one of our employees gets near any systems furniture section that belongs to our clients, they’ll already have taken apart and assembled loads of similar pieces. This education and expertise allows our movers to be highly efficient in what they do. And, it maximizes the care of your furniture items, and that is what proper moving deserves.

Relocation services for every circumstance

You can choose our furniture installation solutions as a portion of a home or office moving package, or on their own. The important thing is that you can request almost every moving solution should you request it. Depending on the relocation type, you might want to ask about office moving solutions to supplement your furniture installation. Regardless of what your move needs, you can trust Corrigan Moving to assist you with it. Below are a portion of the services that we can provide for you:

At Corrigan Moving, we take pride in being able to supply a service for every relocation, regardless of the depth, scale, or challenge. Our "backyard" is the state of New York, however we can provide moving solutions across the world. With our resources, experience, skill, and comprehension, there is no move that we can’t service!

We also know that every relocation is unique, which is why our strategy professionals will partner closely with you to build a method that fills your requirements . You’ll have access to true experts in the business, professionals that can supply you with wisdom that can lower your relocation expenses, help you restart business faster, and much more.

Move without any concerns with Corrigan Moving!

If you are searching for a relocation business to manage furniture installation for you, a business that you can call on for any moving task, one that has almost 100 years of experience in the relocation business and instructs their crews the finest, there is only one answer: Corrigan Moving. We will help you complete a smooth, worry-free, systematic relocation process. Call us today and see why we’re known to be the best solution for your furniture installation needs!

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