Workplace Technology

Commercial technology relocation is not a task that you should assign to your run-of-the-mill moving company. You want a mover with experience in relocating sensitive technology. Corrigan Moving, located in Buffalo, has been moving for more than 90 years and is now known as the top moving company when it comes to moving offices regardless of size.

Our staff of professionals will give you a very careful and productive relocation experience, allowing you to resume your company operations in the shortest time possible.

Movers that always do the right thing – Corrigan Moving

Ever since our family business was established, we’ve been led by a very simple principle: To always do the right thing! These were the words of our founder, Frank The Chief Corrigan, and the organization still upholds them. No matter the relocation scope or industry, our moving crew is committed to doing the right thing for our customers. For workplace technology moving, it is seen as making sure that your technology has complete protection and is relocated swiftly.


Best trained moving professionals around

The reason for our credibility is because of comprehensive education and experience. When you hire Corrigan Moving, you are choosing the “dream team”. We are not your run-of-the-mill moving company, we’re Corrigan Moving. Our name symbolizes our scope of skills and expertise. Over the years, we have performed many relocations that include sensitive and delicate technology. Aside from moving offices, our staff will assist with relocating119 medical centers and labs. Our crew of professionals will ensure that all the technology servers and computers is up and properly working in the fastest time period possible.


Workplace technology moving services

We provide workplace technology moving for a broad range of industries including:

Which is why, we are qualified to perform almost any relocation that involves the moving of technology equipment. If you are managing a commercial move and need a partner to carefully manage your sensitive technology servers and computers, you can’t find a more qualified mover in Buffalo than Corrigan Moving.


Desktop disconnect/reconnect service

A larger workplace move can include moving hundreds of employees over one day. While you may believe that your IT department can manage all the disconnects and reconnects independently, the fact of the matter is that their hands could be full with additional to-dos. Our technicians can help ensure the relocation goes efficiently by moving multiple workstations in justa single day. Each of your computers and peripherals will be precisely cataloged and safely handled before we ship them to your new office. This will ensure that your employees are able to be productive the next day. Our staff of specialist will help you with planning your move, ensuring that your company has minimized interruption.

Our crews will provide you with the following solutions:

  • Desktop disconnection/reconnection
  • Installation of monitor arms and other components
  • Installation of systems furniture
  • Relocation of server rooms
  • Desk wire management

Our past experience allows us to take care of all of the necessary tasks very quickly. This means that you will spend less time in transition and more time working. You will be able to improve your move process by hiring some of the best workplace moving planners in the country. Our project management staff will create a specific and custom moving plan, one that ensures a fast, careful, and smooth move.


Server and computer moving services

Regardless of your office size, you may still have several workstations that you need to relocate. You may have IP phones, printer stations, and additional items of technology, and all require sensitive and skilled care. You may also need specialized crating and skidding for some things. After you hire Corrigan Moving for your relocation, you no longer have to be concerned about any of those things. We’ll take care of everything for you and get your company back to work before you know it!

Our movers can aid you with server and computer relocation and inventorying, warehousing, protecting and placing, installation and debris removal, rack setup and assembly, as well as302 network cabling. Functionally, we will make all phases a lot more straightforward for your staff. Our solutions are available to help your IT department so your team can get back at it.


Other commercial moving services that you can count on Corrigan Moving for

When relocating a workspace, you will always have additional needs beyond relocating your technology. Corrigan Moving has the knowledge to assist with all your moving needs. We will manage the complete move, so all portions are handled with urgency and efficiency.

This is why we're called Corrigan Moving Systems. We deliver many extra solutions compared with your average mover. From workplace technology moving to all commercial services, our team is capable of doing it all! If you are looking to make any relocation more smooth, just reach out.

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