Buffalo Laboratory Moving

Moving a laboratory can be a challenging task. Not just due to the scope of the work - but because it dictates urgency and efficiency, twenty-four-seven23. Professionalism, expertise, and reliability are essential. Therefore, the critical option is working with top-notch laboratory equipment movers. When you’re looking for the finest, Corrigan Moving outshines the rest. As industry veterans, we're uniquely suited to conduct this precise work. We have the experience and resources to make your move protected and quick. Reach out today and ensure a seamless transition for your laboratory.

We use the same intentional approach for every lab relocation

Each lab transfer is challenging and unique. Our laboratory specialists won't hesitate to personalize our solutions and make them match your needs. We'll work with you to craft a plan that meets your laboratory’s needs and expectations. Once you're satisfied with the plan, we'll handle the whole relocation - from origin to destination. This includes:

  • Workflow management and planning logistics
  • Providing required tools
  • Choosing the best crew composition for your job
  • Putting safety protections in place
  • Protecting your lab implements for transportation
  • Planning secure delivery routes

Therefore, when the relocation day arrives, you will have no worries. You can fix all your attention on your job or sit back and relax.


Our lab equipment movers have all the things it takes for your smooth relocation

Over the past decades, we have become the ideal pick of many renowned R&D, academic, and private labs. Not exclusively because of our top reputation, but because we prioritize quality and dependability above everything else.

  • 90+ years in the business gave us considerable insight into the required skills of moving. We realize what to anticipate and how to best counter any problems before they come up.
  • We feature some of the best lab equipment movers nationwide. The kind that can take care of the job quickly and securely.
  • We are remaining cutting-edge. Our experts continually update our techniques and equipment to go beyond current moving standards.
  • Directness is one of our main characteristics. You can count on an accurate moving quote, avoiding any hidden pricing.
  • Customer satisfaction is always our priority. To make sure of it, we pull out all the stops.
  • High versatility is the mainstay of our services. We change them based on your needs.

When you enlist our assistance, you are getting more than only laboratory equipment movers. You're receiving top-tier moving aid, centered around your targets. Our laboratory movers will get the project done – on schedule, within budget and to the highest industry requirements.


We can ship your laboratory equipment anywhere

The expense and sensitiveness of lab equipment makes them difficult to move. The difficulties only grow as the distance you're relocating increases. It is essential to partner with the most consistent lab movers you can find. Corrigan Moving is a logical choice.

For decades, we worked with top research & development, university and private laboratories throughout the country. We honed our skills, gained knowledge, and gained ample experience along the way.

With Corrigan Moving, you can move your laboratory nearby or across the country, with the same ease.


Laboratory movers with 90+ years of industry history

Corrigan Moving is one of the most constant moving companies in the nation. Since our founding in 1929, we have gone a long way and we increased both in employee count and expertise. Our services extended to comprise:

Now days, we are one of the most superior moving services providers countrywide. We have a reputation of excellence and consistency, among customers and peers alike. Nevertheless, we remain a family company first. Virtues of honesty, reliability, and the responsibility to always do the right thing are fundamentally implanted in our roots. These values show clearly who we are and push us to always exceed our customers’ assumptions. With Corrigan Moving, you have a consistent partner, ready to go the extra mile to be sure of your laboratory move is executed to your accommodation


Ensure your secure transition with Corrigan Moving’s laboratory equipment movers

Logistics is a strenuous time for any laboratory. When your science depends on the apparatuses, samples, and chemicals arriving safely - the stakes get higher yet. It's not just the profitability or reputation of your lab at stake; it's very continuation. Don't risk it with half-solutions and satisfactory options. Contact Corrigan Moving and allow some of the best laboratory equipment movers give you confidence.

Begin researching your worry-free move with our resource library

Peruse through our hand-picked collection of resource materials selected to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include how to pack videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.