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Moving is usually thought to be one of the hardest milestones in life. What can make it less stressful, though, is not worrying about the actual relocation. And that's just what Corrigan Moving has to offer. With over 90 years-worth of learned skills and the best movers Clarence can offer, we will offer you a welcome break from the moving stages. Call us now and let us help make your move easy and pleasant.

90+ years of learned skills – available to you

Despite what many people believe, moving is not a nightmare. First, it is a challenging project. There are several steps to walk through, most of which can be fairly effortful. Second, time is always in deficit. This constant tension can make even the simplest tasks strenuous. Lastly, moving does not allow for setbacks. The littlest blunder can escalate fast and turn into a much larger challenge. Now, all the painfulness of moving begin with the same root cause: experience. Or, to be precise, the lack of it. Thankfully, correcting this issue is extremely simple.

For Corrigan Moving, experience is something that comes naturally. Our business existed since 1929. Therefore we spent more than 90 years in the moving industry. During this time, our family business handled tens-of-thousands of relocations. Our offerings expanded over time, and so did our know-how and experience. We taught them to each new generation of movers. That’s why now, we are the most desirable moving companies servicing Clarence.


What makes Corrigan Moving the best mover Clarence has?

One point-of-contact

You will have a responsive move coordinator to make sure everything happens according to plan. She will also keep you updated on the current phase of the relocation. This coordinator will be there for you from the very start. When you say “go!” to Corrigan Moving, you will be partnered with a move coordinator. She will help make sure you are set for the first move day. She will talk you through the move process and what you should plan for. You’ll be prepared with the important resources, too.

Throughout your move, when you have any questions or worries, your move coordinator is just a call or text away. She’ll make herself available to be sure everything runs as planned and you are notified at every phase.


Hiring and educating the best

Every person of our staff is a true specialist. They are fully invested in creating a seamless moving experience. Corrigan Moving values hiring knowledgeable and caring staff, so each communication is a positive one. Then we background check each staff who goes into your home or business to ensure they are trustworthy.

Once employed, we do not believe in letting new employees learn as they go. We created a comprehensive training center so they receive hands-on training before going to your home or business.


Versatile Services

Our solutions are adaptable. We alter them to fit your needs so you will have a custom-made moving plan will be sure everything is successful. We understand that all moves are challenging in their own way and it’s impossible to use a general plan. That is the reason all of our move plans – home moves and business moves – are designed to match your personal needs.

As a member of the United cooperative, Corrigan Moving is part of an organization of the top moving companies countrywide. We can help you relocate anywhere in the nation or the world. We manage every move the same - with reliability and diligence:


Moving services in Clarence

The knowledge that comes from years of repetition is a priceless asset in any endeavor. But in moving – it is key. Experience alone can resolve the most unexpected moving issues. Moreover, it can avoid challenges before they get a chance to become a challenge. Techniques developed through countless of moves can quicken the whole process. They can make it more secure and quicker. Lastly, having a veteran crew of Clarence movers means you have someone to rely upon. It means you'll have guidance and assistance, every step of the way.


Household goods moving services:

Household goods moves are one of our specialties. Our home movers in Clarence can assist you with your move to a nearby city, or to anywhere globally. You can sign up for our full-service move or hire our assistance with only heavy lifting. Either way, you can rely on a smooth move that matches your expectations.


Commercial mover in Clarence:

As the mover of choice for lots of local businesses and healthcare centers, Corrigan Moving has experience with commercial moving. We realize that the productivity and safety of your transfer is essential. Our goal is to always decrease interruption for our customers, so your team can start back to work as soon as possible.


Moving can be an enjoyable event with the right crew by your side

With Corrigan Moving, your move will be straightforward and effortless. It can be uncomplicated and breezy. A relaxed adventure you can enjoy every minute of - just as it should be. Contact us now and ensure you have the best movers Clarence can provide. Pick reliability, convenience, and a history of experience. Because you deserve the perfect relocation.

Regardless of where you are now, or where you are going, Corrigan Moving’s Midwest locations can move you wherever you want to go across the globe.

Start planning your stress-free move with our library of resources
Peruse through our hand-picked collection of resource materials selected to help with your move planning. Our Moving Tools include packing instructional videos, moving checklists, and important paperwork.