October 18, 2023

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Requesting a Moving Company Quote

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Getting a moving company quote is a critical step when planning a move, whether it's locally or long-distance. This preliminary quote sets the stage for your move budget and helps you make informed decisions. However, understanding the quoting process can be difficult, and there are common mistakes that customers make. This comprehensive article delves into these errors and provides valuable insights on preventing them.

Mistake 1: Waiting Until the Last Minute

One of the most common mistakes people are guilty of is putting off when it comes to obtaining a moving quote. Waiting too long can limit your options and result in rushed decisions. To avoid this error, it's advisable to start the process early. Beginning in advance allows for ample time for exploration and evaluations, ultimately leading to an easier and more budget-friendly move.


Mistake 2: Not Getting Multiple Quotes

Another common error is relying solely on a sole moving company quote. Different [[targtelocation]] moving companies offer different services and price structures. To be sure you are getting the best deal, it's vital to obtain quotes from several reputable Buffalo movers. This approach allows you to compare costs, services offered, and overall value effectively. Corrigan Moving Systems encourages customers to consider their options and make informed decisions based on their specific needs and budget.


Mistake 3: Not Providing Accurate Information

Accuracy is vital when getting a moving quote. Failing to provide exact details about your move, such as the volume of belongings, specific items to move, the length of the move, and any additional services required, can result in inaccurate estimations. To prevent this oversight, be meticulous and honest during the quoting process. A well-regarded Buffalo moving company, like Corrigan, will help you navigate each stage and make sure that all necessary details are taken into account.


Mistake 4: Neglecting In-Person or Virtual Assessments

While web-based quotes are convenient, neglecting in-home or virtual assessments can be a significant oversight. These assessments, also called pre-move surveys, allow moving companies to assess your belongings and learn about your specific needs. Corrigan Moving Systems, for example, offers in-home and live virtual pre-move survey assessments to make sure that quotes are both accurate and complete. This attention to detail ensures that everything is accounted for, resulting in a more exact quote.

 [[targetlocationm]] In-home Moving Survey

Mistake 5: Not Clarifying Services Included

Some customers mistakenly think that all services are part of the moving company quote, only to discover hidden costs later. It's important to clarify what services are included and what might incur extra fees. Trustworthy Buffalo companies like Corrigan give transparent quotes that highlight the services included, making sure that customers have a clear understanding of what to anticipate.


Mistake 6: Ignoring Reviews and Reputation

Choosing a mover based only on price can be a costly mistake. It's crucial to thoroughly research a company's reputation and read reviews from previous customers. Corrigan Moving Systems, with its extensive experience and positive customer Reviews, is known for its reliability and exceptional service. By selecting a mover with a strong reputation, you can Rest assured that your move is in competent hands.


Mistake 7: Not Understanding the Terms

Before committing to a moving company, carefully inspect the agreement terms of the estimate. Understand the payment schedule, valuation options, and any cancellation terms. Corrigan promises that clients are informed completely about the conditions and is prepared to address any questions or offer clarification as needed.


Mistake 8: Forgetting About Valuation Options

One of the underappreciated but vital parts of a moving quote is understanding valuation options. In the moving industry, "valuation" refers to the level of liability the moving company assumes for your household items during the move. It is not conventional insurance in the traditional sense, but it's a critical consideration. Neglecting to discuss valuation options with your chosen mover can lead to miscommunications and financial risk.

Valuation options usually come in different tiers, with different degrees of protection and respective costs. For instance, some valuation plans offer minimal coverage based on weight, while others provide full replacement value for any losses or damages. It's essential to discuss these options with your chosen mover, like Corrigan Moving Systems, to ensure your belongings are well protected during the move.

Corrigan Moving Systems, with its commitment to transparency, will help you navigate the available valuation options, helping you make an educated decision that aligns with your needs and concerns. By discussing valuation in the beginning of the process, you can prevent possible disputes and make sure that your precious belongings are secure throughout the move.


Additional Considerations

Apart from the eight common missteps outlined above, there are a few more considerations to think about when seeking a moving company quote:

Specialized Services: If you have one of a kind items such as antiques, pianos, or valuable artwork, ensure that the moving company is experienced in handling specialized items. Corrigan Moving Systems, for example, has specialized services to transport delicate and precious items securely.

Additional Costs: Ask about any potential additional costs that might come up during the move. These could include charges for extended carrying distances, flights of stairs, or storage costs. Corrigan ensures that any potential costs are openly communicated to customers.

Timing and Scheduling: Have a conversation regarding your preferred moving dates and timelines with the moving company. Planning ahead helps secure your preferred moving date and ensures a hassle-free transition. Corrigan works with your scheduling preferences as much as we can.

Customer Support: Consider the level of customer service and communication offered by the mover. A responsive and caring team, like the one at Corrigan Moving Systems, can totally enhance your relocation journey.

Getting a moving company quote is an important step in the moving process, and avoiding typical mistakes can make the journey to your new home more efficient and economical. By steering clear of these pitfalls, obtaining multiple quotes, and choosing a reputable company like Corrigan Moving Systems, you can ensure an easy and trouble-free move.