June 16, 2022

How to Get Ready for a Relocation Alone and Keep Orderly


Preparing for a relocation is an exciting time that often involves a ton of planning in a quick amount of time. If you’re handling this process by yourself, you may be feeling a degree of stress to move ahead of schedule while keeping your normal responsibilities. There’s no need to feel as though you need to go through this process by yourself. Begin by reading the below preparation tips and resources to help decide where you can want some assistance, so you can be more prepared and eager about this change. With Corrigan Moving, you’ll never feel alone or unassisted during this exciting upcoming experience!

Complete a walkthrough of your new house

One of the initial and most important items prior to moving your belongings into your new home is going through your new space to get a better feeling of the rooms with nothing inside. During this walkthrough, you can take pictures to ensure the floors, walls, appliances, doors, and grounds look up to your contract’s standard and note any specific concerns you want to discuss with your agent. You should be reading through your paperwork to be sure the details match what you are seeing related to the condition of the home. Additionally, you will want to look at the property methodically and if there are issues you should promptly communicate with your real estate agent so they can be handled swiftly to avoid additional frustrations.

Declutter your items beforehand

Consider your move as a chance to get some spring cleaning completed so you can start fresh in your new house. Try avoiding bringing pieces, furniture, clothing, and decor that you really don’t use or aren’t crazy about. If you think you have a good amount of pieces you don’t intend to bring, think about having a garage sale, posting pieces online, or donating to local charities. There is no need to be hauling excess items when it will only cost you more time and money – especially if you have a long-distance relocation ahead of you. You can absolutely make decluttering more exciting than it sounds. Call a buddy over to thumb through your items and see if they want anything you’re getting rid of. Turn on your best songs and move through one space at a time, making piles of what you intend to hang onto and what’s for donation or sale.

Put together a packing outline for every room

Once you’ve parted with the unnecessary items, now the interesting part begins. Packing methodically is crucial to guarantee all your possessions make it to your new house soundly and intact. If you intend to do your own packing, having orderly boxes helps make unpacking a cakewalk. Creating a list of all your possessions and planning what each box contains will be extremely helpful. You should label the exterior of your boxes with the items inside, room and your last name, so you realize what is in them quickly, how heavy they are, and if they contain breakable items. Keep in mind, the more organized you are early in the planning stage, the smoother it’ll be unpacking and getting everything organized in your new location. And since Corrigan Moving never neglects you, just let us know if you would would rather us to do the packing for you! Your relocation expert will be happy to give you an estimate for packing everything, or simply a few things you’d prefer to have it professionally packed.

Plan to change electricity and services

Another useful moving task that’ll make your life much simpler in your new place is changing utilities and services to your new address. To make sure you have electricity, running water, operational equipment, and so on, it’s important to reach out your utility service providers with your relocation information. Considering their calendar get booked up as well, work with your real estate agent when you can relocate in and inform them of the date of transfer.

There could be some info you want to check connected to a current home warranty policy; especially to see if you can take it over to protect your appliances and critical systems in your house. All house warranty businesses provide various policies; some encompass protection for smaller in-home appliances such as a refrigerator, whereas others comprise greater systems like your furnace. That’s why, it’s good to know what coverage you have if you take over a policy on the home. When the ongoing contract comes to an end, you can choose if you want to maintain the coverage or change policies to a different company or plan.

Stay realistic about your requirements and money

Instead of pushing yourself to be able to do the whole process by yourself, consider what would be greatly advantageous to outsource. Corrigan Moving can move simply large pieces of furniture, or absolutely everything. Consider your time and finances, and let our relocation experts partner with you for the best relocation strategy. Cleaning is another imperative piece of the process, so rather than transferring everything into a partially cleaned space, you may want to hire a business to do a total deep clean before you begin bringing in your items. It’s up to you and what will save you time while remaining within a relocation allowance. From travel to motels, to materials and services, it’s obvious to see how costs can start adding up. By constructing a budget for yourself, you can appropriately outsource where required and spend your money on services you cannot do yourself.

Recruit friends and family for help

If you have friends and family in the area you currently live in or are close to the location you’re relocating to, coordinate time for them to pop over and help you out. Frequently, friends will be willing to help out. You’d be shocked what an extra pair of hands or eyes can do when you’re in the beginning stages of establishing your new space. If you have a pal who is a whiz at organization, they might be able to create a list while you place everything in a box, allowing you to multitask. Don’t race to get it all done in a day, a week, or even your first month. The most crucial piece is relocating all your pieces to your new home, ensuring everything is operating smoothly, and making needed payments.

Relocating alone needs a lot of coordination and organization if you would like things to run efficiently. While that is correct, collaborating with Corrigan Moving is a big weight lifted from your shoulders. We will collaborate with you to craft a custom moving plan, based on your timeline and budget. By preparing ahead of time, working with Corrigan Moving, and allowing others to lend a helping hand, you can still make moving into your new place a simple process and a fresh new adventure!