April 06, 2023

Kids and Pets: Tips for a Stress-Free Move

Moving to a new home is an happiness-inducing experience, especially if you have little ones and animal companions to share in the anticipation! Children and pets are creatures of habit and ensuring a effortless transition should be your main focus during your move process. Long distance moving companies will recommend the same thing: getting organized is vital. The more ready you are in the beginning of your move, the better adjusted and happy your little ones and animal companions will be. Before your local movers start loading up, take a moment to create a strategy that will work for everyone, and keep the whole family satisfied during your upcoming transition!



Moving with kids 

1. Involve Your Children in the Process

One of the best ways to make your kids feel more comfortable with the move is to include them in the process. Let them assist in packing, or give them the task of packing their belongings. You can also involve them in the preparation process by letting them pick the colors for their new rooms or decide on the design of their new spaces. This will give them more control of the situation and help them feel more excited about the move.

2. Keep a Familiar Routine

One of the biggest the most significant challenges of moving with kids is keeping a familiar routine. To help your kids feel more at ease, attempt to keep a familiar routine as much as possible. For example, you can still read a bedtime tale, enjoy their favorite film, or have dinner together every night. Keeping a consistent routine will help your kids feel more comfortable and less worried about the move.

3. Pack a "Moving Kit" for Your Kids

Packing a "moving kit" for your children can also ease the transition. This kit should include their favorite toys, reading materials, and games, as well as a spare outfits and hygiene essentials. Making a moving kit can give them a sense of familiarity. If the long distance movers need a few days to drive to your destination, this kit can also provide fun diversions while travelling to your new place! If your local movers are just headed across Buffalo, this kit can keep kiddos busy while the truck is being packed up or unloaded into your new home.

4. Take a Tour of Your New Neighborhood

Before you move, take your kids on a stroll of your new community. This can help them feel more familiar and make the transition easier. You can also research fun activities and places to visit in your new city, like local parks, outdoor space, nature reserves, playgrounds, and museums, to help your kids feel more thrilled about the move. Have your kids to put together a calendar to schedule some fun activities to serve as a break during the move planning process.

5. Talk About What to Expect

Communicating your kids through the steps of the move can help them feel less anxious about the process. Before your long distance movers arrive, explain to your kids what they will see. They’ll see their toys being carried onto a big truck, but it’s just for a short while. Watch videos that show how movers load and unload the moving trucks, so kids will know where their things are going, and when they will them back.

6. Seek Outside Help

Lastly, if your kids are having a difficult time settling in to the move, consider seeking professional help. A counselor can help your kids cope with their emotions and help them settle into their new home. They can also offer you practical advice on how to help your kids adjust and make the transition as seamless as possible. Sometimes a respected educator or trusted confidant can be a fantastic outside helpful ally for kids to spend time with, talk through their feelings and build their confidence about the upcoming move.



Moving with pets 

1. Familiarize Your Pets with the Moving Boxes

Your furry friends can become worried when they see packing supplies around the house. To help them get used to the change, start familiarizing the boxes a few weeks before the move. Let your pets explore the boxes so they become accustomed to their presence. Feline friends love a good box!

2. Keep Your Pets Routine as Normal as Possible

Just like kids, pets also need a sense of normalcy during the move. Try to keep their schedule as close to normal as possible, including meal schedules, outdoor time, and playtime activities. This will help your pets feel relaxed during the move and decrease their stress levels.

3. Plan Ahead for Transportation

If you’re using a long distance moving company, you need to plan for transportation for your pets. If you're driving, make sure to have a relaxing place for them in the car. If you're taking a plane, make sure you have all the required forms and check out the procedures for flying with pets. Even if local movers are taking you across Buffalo, a conversation with your vet before your move can ensure your pets are well-prepared for the move.

4. Update Your Pets' Identification

Prior to the move, make sure your fur babies' identification is recent, including their tags, microchips, and any other identification methods. This will ensure that they can be brought back to you if they get misplaced during the move.

5. Find Pet-Friendly Accommodations

If you're moving to a different location and your interstate movers need a few nights to make the trip, make sure to find pet-friendly rentals, like pet-friendly hotels, house rentals or pet-sitters. Having a safe and comfortable place to unwind after a long journey during the trip will keep your beloved pets happy after a tiring trip! If you have a temporary housing situation while using local movers, asking a friend, kin or person next door to look after your furry friends throughout the move can also be a good plan for keeping pets comfortable and happy.

6. Give Your Pets Plenty of Attention and Love

In conclusion, be sure to show your furry friends ample amounts of love and care during the move. Make time for them, have fun with them, and provide them with plenty of affection. This will help them feel more secure and comfortable.

At Corrigan Moving Systems, we strive to take care of all members of your family; fur babies and children included! We know we aren’t moving items from point A to point B, we’re moving lives. Entrusting us with that task is not something we take for granted. Contact us today to book your complimentary at-home assessment and see why families have trusted Corrigan for over 90 years.